Driscoll, James

James Driscoll 1, 2 or James Driscal4 or James Driscol5appears in lists of early settlers in the references section under the Library tab.


Tim Driscoll, e-mail:  drisco1@maine.rr.com




Arrived New Brunswick 1837 and in Kingsclear, Cork (Teetotal) Settlement 1842. 1851 York County NB census age 34, Farmer/ Proprietor. Land Grant 1851, 50 acres Lyons Stream to Garden Creek, Parish of Kingsclear, York County, NB, Canada.

Marriage 1845, St. Dunstan's, Fredericton, NB to Mary (Scanlin) Driscoll. Moved to Calais, Maine between 1853-1860. Died 14 March 1872. Information by others about this settler and his family will be posted here.

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