Kennedy, Anthony

Irish Origin -  Mayo, Ireland

Anthony Kennedy 3 or Anthony Kenedy4 appears in lists of early settlers shown in the references section under the Library tab.   Anthony Kennedy was from Mayo, Ireland according to his headstone at St. Patrick's cemetery in New Market, New Brunswick.  The family moved there from Teetotal or Cork Settlement, NB.  

Pictured below is Anthony Kennedy according to my father.


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Anthony Kennedy married Mary Houston/Huston (place unknown).   Anthony and Mary were both from Mayo, Ireland according to Anthony’s headstone and a newspaper notice published in 1880.   Anthony and his family arrived in Teetotal Settlement at least by 1843 when their first known daughter, Roseanne, was baptized.  

A 1926 obituary for Martin Kennedy, son of Anthony and Mary Houston/Huston, states that Martin “...was the great-grandson of Sir Abbott Houston of England and grandson of Major Peter Kennedy.”  No records have yet been found to document these ancestors.

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