O'Brian, John

John1,4 or Jn.2 O'Brian or John O'Brien3appears in lists of early settlers in the references section under the Library tab.


Jerry O'Brien, e-mail:  jobrien@nbnet.nb.ca, great grandson of John O’Brian.

David O’Brien, e-mail:  johndavidob@gmail.com, g-great grandson of John O'Brian.


From Jerry O’Brien (April 6, 2005):

"My great grandfather John O'Brien came to Nova Scotia in 1833 and was in New Brunswick in 1843 where he homesteaded in Teetotal (or Cork Settlement, N.B.). He married Catherine Hurley Oct. 3, 1843 Cork Settlement, N.B. She arrived in 1844. They both ended their days at Cork, N.B. She died 1866, aged 44 while John died Dec.10,1885 aged 84. They raised 6 children.Seeking place of entry to Canada and date. Also seeking Departure point and Ship information."

From David O’Brien:

David O’Brien, g-great grandson of John O’Brian/O’Brien, has provided a history of John O’Brian and Catherine Hurley and their family as well as a family tree.  Please see the sidebar at the right for the links to David’s information on the John O’Brian/O’Brien family.

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