Smith, Owen

Owen Smith or Eugene "Owen" Smith1,2,3,4 appears in lists of early settlers in the references section under the Library tab.


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Owen Smith of Fredericton and Mary Pierce of Woodstock were married on December 14, 1844 in Woodstock, NB. They moved to Cork. 


  1. John Smith (1845 – 1876) He was killed when he was on the way to California.
  2. Patrick Smith (1847 – 1913) He died in Edison, Washington. His wife was Catherine Sullivan from Cork, NB.
  3. Owen Smith (1848 – 1911) He died in Arcata, Humboldt, California. His wife was Ellen McGrath from Fredericton.
  4. James Smith (1850 – 1927) He died in Alameda, California. His wife was Mary Elizabeth Monohan from San Francisco, CA.
  5. Robert Smith (1852 – 1919) He died in San Francisco, CA. He used to live in Arcata, California. His wife was Mary Grace McGowan from Maine/NB.
  6. Maurice Smith (1854 – 1882).  Maurice was hit by the train in Arcata, California on July 4th, 1882 and died on July 5th in the morning.  He owned the pub in Arcata.  His wife was Sarah Ann Heffron.  They had a baby child Maurice Edward.  
  7. Mary Ann (1856 – 1891)- She married John Sullivan (first husband). Her second husband was William Murphy. She died early in Cork, NB.
  8. Thomas Ambrose Smith (G Grandfather) (1860 – 1945) He died in Fredericton, NB. His wife was Angeline Rosella Chessie (daughter of Sam Chessie and Nancy Goodine).

Owen and Mary were buried in Cork Cemetery, Cork, NB.

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